This free Go/No-Go Assessment Tool will help you turn projects from No to Go every time.
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   Tool Summary: Here's what you get when you download the Go/No-Go tool

Ron's including everything you’ll need…

  • Tool – spreadsheet based tool you can use every time you consider an improvement project.
  • Instruction Aid – The quick access guide to complete the electronic tool.
  • 30 Minute webinar describing how to pick the right projects and overcome the barriers to funding.
  • Plus, no cost - 30 minute free Strategy Session. I'll personally help you strategize to turn the "NO GO" into "GO"

Ron's received a lot of great feedback on this tool and its 10 questions that can make a big difference when planning an improvement project.
(All products are downloaded - no hard copy provided)

   I'm looking forward to talking with you: I will help you make your next project a smashing success!

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